Scars, Texture & Sun Damage

Laser ResurFx & IPL Rejuvenation

1565nm ResurFX laser heats columns deep in the skin without any cutting. This is powerful technology for treating tone and texture issues in the skin including scars and stretch marks, while minimizing downtime. Traditional resurfacing lasers cut the skin, causing redness and sometimes bleeding. ResurFX, like Fraxel, heats the skin without cutting the epidermis, giving excellent results including tightening of the skin.

“The histology studies are what separates this device from the imposters,” says fellowship-trained laser and cosmetic dermatologist Michael Swann. “And the wide array of scanning options allow very even treatment coverage. This is not like a CO2 resurfacing in that a client may want this done once or twice per year to preempt photo-aging.” Before non-ablative fractionated lasers, people who made their living in front of the camera or in the public eye didn’t have a lot of options for quality treatments without taking serious time off work. This is a game-changer in no-downtime treatments that make impressive anti-aging strides.

Scars, Texture & Sun Damage

Lumenis M22 Intense Pulsed Light

Scars, Texture & Sun Damage

Pearl Laser

A minimally invasive ablative full face resurfacing laser. Pearl treats the entire epidermis while residual heat is conducted down into the dermis to drive collagen deposition. Results include significant reduction of photodamage and mild to moderate wrinkles while increasing the skin’s albedo (brightness). Compared to other ablative lasers, the recovery after Pear is much quicker and requires less complex wound care.

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