Secret RF Microneedling

Level up traditional microneedling with Secret RF!  This microneedling device uses radio frequency (RF) energy to remodel your skin from the inside out, with NO downtime! Treatments are customized to meet individual needs and goals, and are based heavily on your skin type.

Secret RF targets several areas of concern including:

1. Scars


3.Stretch marks

4.Signs of aging/skin quality, texture, & brightness


Secret RF is different from other microneedling devices because it delivers RF energy to various layers of the skin, whereas other devices treat only the surface of the skin. Treating the deeper layers of skin allows for the revitalization of tissue through hemostasis and coagulation and the production of hylauronic acid, as well as imporant fibres like collagen and elastin.

This is a quick, in-office procedure and no downtime is required. The number of treatments needed varies from person to person, with the average number of treatments being 3-4.


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Secret RF Treatment Team: