Nanofat & Microfat Injections


Nanofat injection is a procedure where Dr. Swann processes your own fat which from areas where there is a maximum concentration of adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs) are injected into the skin for rejuvenation.  In nanofat injections, the growth factors are extracted from the adipocytes after focal liposuction and injected for dark circles under the eyes, fine periorbital contours and wrinkles around the mouth, upper chest and back of hands.  Nanofat provides a very rejuvenated look by providing your own high concentration of stem cells to support the skin and soft tissue.  Stem cells aid in wound healing and tissue regeneration.

What is Nanofat Grafting?

Nanofat Grafting, also called “Nano Fat Injection”, is a specific fat transfer method in which adipose tissue removed from a region rich in adipose tissue by microinjection technique is treated using a special method so that it is rendered suitable for application to the respective region.

What are Adipose Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs)?

Basically, nanofat does not have any viable plumping substance, but has a rich concentration of stem cells which help regenerate and vitalize tissues in the areas injected. Nanofat is not intended for filling, but is restorative or therapeutic.  The results are more lasting and more natural looking than either fillers or fat transfer.  Nanofat is injection adipose derived stem cells to rejuvenate the skin, where fat grafting with microfat is to correct volume loss and fill the areas.

What areas can be treated with nanofat?

Nanofat is primarily utilized for skin rejuvenation after ablative laser procedures, for under eyelid dark circles and lines, around the mouth and cleavage area.  In the periorbital area, nanofat injections are one of the most preferred methods for improving skin darkening, depressions and irregularities.  Scars can be treated with nanofat.  It can be used in all areas where increased skin quality and improvement are required, especially under eye region, face, neck, cleavage and hands.

- Dark circles under eyes

- Fine lines in eye contour

- Collapsed areas across the face

- Fine wrinkles around the mouth and on face

- Fine wrinkles in cleavage

- Fine wrinkles in the neck

- Image of collapsed skin caused by liposuction or trauma

- Wound-induced skin deformation

- Loss of vitality in hands due to aging

How is nanofat performed?

Fat is harvested using a liposuction cannula with tumescent local anesthesia.  Typically the thigh or abdomen is utilized for harvest.  Concentration of the Adipose Derived Stem Cell fraction is performed mechanically.  Adipocytes (fat cells) are mechanically separated and filtered for rich stem cells.  ADSCs or nanofat is injected directly into the tissue for regeneration using a 27G or 30G needle depending on the area.d

Nanofat FAQs:

When do the effects of nanofat grafting become visible?

The effects of nanofat injection become visible within 1-3 months. After the application, 70 to 80% of the transferred fat will survive in the body and the rest will be absorbed.

A waiting period of 3 months is therefore ideal for the final appearance. Within 6 months, skin quality improves visibly.


ADSC Nanofat Injections Aftercare

You will be advised to rest at home for 2-3 days after which you can resume normal activities.  You will have mild swelling in the areas treated the first week, which usually resolves within a few days.


Can Nanofat be combined with filling procedures?

Nanofat is powerful rejuvenating serum and can be used in conjunction with microfat to fill deformities and provide volumization for eyelids and other areas of the face.


How much does Nanofat Cost and how long does the procedure take?

Nanofat takes 1.5 hours on the day of the procedure.  This includes harvesting, concentrating and injecting the ADSC. Depending on the areas treated and the amount of nanofat needed and prices range from $2000 to $7500.

Treatment Team:


Michael H. Swann, MD MS