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Electronic Brachytherapy for Radiation

Swann Dermatology now offers a special type of radiation therapy in our office for treating skin cancers. The electronic brachytherapy we offer is not like traditional radiation therapy treatment. We utilize Esteya, a patient-friendly, electronic brachytherapy solution for treating skin cancer. Specifically designed for non-melanoma skin cancer treatments, Esteya provides a non-surgical treatment that destroys cancer cells while sparing healthy surrounding tissue. There’s minimal or no recovery period — which means there will be negligible impact on your daily activities.

For skin cancer treatments, your physician will consider your age, disease type and stage (how your disease has advanced), as well as cosmetic and functional impact, to determine which one or combination of modalities to recommend for your specific case:
Electronic brachytherapy places a radiation source directly at the cancerous lesion on the surface of the skin, to destroy the cancer cells while sparing the healthy surrounding tissue. This is an effective method for treating non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC), including basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), particularly for cases involving a highly visible, functionally sensitive or challenging area. Electronic brachytherapy utilizes an x-ray tube to create radiation and may be delivered in your physician’s office.

If you answer yes to any of the following, ask your provider if you are a candidate:

Who should I ask for Esteya Treatment?

Brachytherapy | Superficial Radiation
Electronic Brachytherapy Procedure

How does it work?

The brachytherapy system brings a small x-ray source very close to your cancer lesion. Rather than surgically cutting tissue away, high dose rate (HDR) radiation is precisely focused at cancerous tissue to destroy it.

Treatments require just a few brief visits to your dermatologist or radiation oncology clinic. Skin cancer treatment requires an individualized approach. Your doctor will recommend a course of treatment and therapeutic modality based on your general health, age, medical history and the type, size and location of your cancer. Even in patients whose NMSC occurs in highly visible areas, electronic brachytherapy offers a new option with excellent cosmetic and clinical results. Mohs surgery offers the highest cure rate for treating skin cancers and is really considered first-line treatment for aggressive tumors, but Esteya is a great option for some non-melanoma skin cancers in difficult areas and offers excellent results.

What do the results look like?

Brachytherapy | Superficial Radiation

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