Vertical Vector Face and Neck Lift

Vertical Vector Face and Neck Lift

Case Details

Issue: Sagging Skin

Procedure: Vertical Vector Face & Neck Lift, Liposuction, Submentoplasty, Fillers

Description: This patient presented with concerns about her worsening jowels and neckline. She was initially interested in a facelift, but did not want to be put to sleep and did not want to look pulled. Dr. Swann performed a vertical vector facelift and neck lift with submentoplasty and neck liposuction, fractionated carbon dioxide resurfacing, and mid-face cheek filler. She tolerated the procedure very well in our office-based surgical center without general anesthesia. Drains were taken out the day after the procedure and she had about 10 days of downtime. She was very happy with her results.

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