Mohs on the Temple with Reconstruction

Mohs on the Temple with Reconstruction

Case Details

Issue: Lentigo Maligna / Melanoma in situ

Procedures: Mohs, Mohs Reconstruction

Description: The patient had a large melanoma in situ on his right temple and was referred to Dr. Swann for Mohs. The patient was mapped using a 5mm margin after Wood’s lamp evaluation of remaining pigment (image 1) and Dr. Swann removed the cancer with fresh tissue Mohs technique using MART-1 frozen section immunostaining in the Mohs lab. The patient was cleared after 2 layers to fascia and the temporal branch of the facial nerve was preserved (image 2). Dr. Swann reconstructed the tissue defect using a transposition flap and graft (image 3). The patient was very happy with his healed surgical result.

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