Brachytherapy on the Nose

Brachytherapy on the Nose

Case Details

Issue: Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Procedure: Brachytherapy

Description: This frail patient presented with a neglected superficial squamous cell carcinoma on her nasal dip, dorsal, and alae (image 1). The patient had other acute medical concerns and she was not a good surgical candidate due to her declining health and age. She was hoping for a less invasive option. The first line recommendation was Mohs micrographic surgery and reconstruction, but after discussing the extensive repair involved with surgery, the patient chose treatment with Electronic Brachytherapy as an appropriate alternative. The treatments were provided bi-weekly for 5 weeks to a depth of 3mm. The patients nose became very red and inflamed during the course of the treatment (image 2). The patient was very satisfied with the results (image 3)

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