Brachytherapy on the Ear Case

Swann Derm Before After Case 7

Case Details

Issue: Basal Cell Carcinoma

Procedure: Brachytherapy

Description: This patient was referred for a basal cell carcinoma of the right ear, external auditory canal, and conchal bowl (image 1). He wanted to avoid surgery due to blood thinners, so he opted for Electronic Brachytherapy. Each treatment takes about 3 minutes and are painlessly provided bi-weekly over the course of 5 weeks to a depth of 3mm. The patient came for 10 total visits, each lasting 3 minutes, and the area became inflamed and quite red during treatment (image 2). He was very satisfied with the final non-surgical result (image 3).

Additional Images

Patient Info

Age: 65 Gender: male